Warranty Policy

You have a 2 year warranty on the new Evolve electric skateboard and 1 year on the new battery, which covers defects in workmanship and material.

For our refurbished, used or second choice products, a shortened warranty period may apply. Please refer to the product description for the relevant information.

Warrantor: Evolve Distribution GmbH, Hoffeldstr. 104, 40235 Düsseldorf (Germany)

The legal guarantee rights of the consumer are not limited by our warranty. The use of these rights is free of charge. The warranty begins on the day of delivery of the product. If this information is not available or is unclear, then the start of the warranty is the date of the first purchase according to the original invoice or the receipt.


This warranty statement applies exclusively to Evolve electric skateboards purchased from Evolve Distribution GmbH or its authorized dialer and used in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia and regardless of whether the user resides or does business within or outside of these countries. The local scope of application is extended to Switzerland and Norway (status 2022).


To make a warranty claim, you should:

  • contact us via support@evolveskateboards.de or alternativ using the ‘contact us’ page on our website www.evolveskateboards.de/pages/contact
  • provide original proof of purchase of the products which clearly shows the purchase date and
  • deliver the product (including remote and charger) to us for inspectionas soon as possible. If you need to send it in please request a support form from us for this purpose.  In the second step, you will receive a DHL-return-label from us during the warranty period. We allow the customer a period of 14 calender days to deliver the product to our workshop. This period starts after the submission of support request, with the beginning of the following day. After this period, the date of arrival decides on the existing warranty claim (exception: extraordinary transport delays, which were not the fault of the customer. Force majeure is not an exception). In the case of an order from a higher authority, we allow a maximum delay of 14 calendar days. The shipping costs for the return will be paid by Evolve Distribution GmbH, provided it is a warranty case.

We will then assess the warranty claim to determine, in our sole discretion, whether the product falls within the warranty protection. Where the product falls within the warranty protection, we will repair or replace the product at our own cost.
Where the product is outside of the warranty protection we will notify you and provide you with a quotation which sets out the issues and our recommended actions. Evolve Distribution GmbH may in its sole discretion decline the Warranty if proof of original purchase is not provided. In cases where the product has been shipped and is no longer covered under warranty, we will (re)charge our shipping costs. The Warranty is transferrable to another person but only if the Product is sold or transferred to that other person and the Customer provides that other person with proof of original purchase (such as an invoice or receipt).

Where we elect to repair the product, we may use refurbished products to carry out the repair. The replacement or repair of a Product or part does not restart or otherwise extend the Guarantee/Warranty Period for that Product.

We will not commence any repairs without your prior authorisation if the is not a warranty case. Where you do not want to proceed with repairs as recommended by us, we will return the product to you at your cost or storage it without fee untill pickup. Maximum storage time is 4 weeks, after that we reserve the right to charge an additional storage fee of 7€ per week.

The Warranty does not cover damage to a Product that, in Evolve Distribution GmbH's reasonable opinion, has been damaged due to:

  • normal wear and tear
  • transport or shipping of the Product
  • theft of the Product
  • use of the Product for a purpose other than as expressly described by Evolve, including for commercial purposes, or unusually high or excessive usage of the Product during the Warranty Period
  • any act or omission of any person other than Evolve
  • abuse, misuse, negligence, improper use or accidents, including using or storing the Product in adverse environments (including damp, sandy or corrosive environments), water damage, dropping the Product onto the ground or colliding with objects
  • unauthorised disassembly, tampering or alterations, modifications or repairs being made to the Product
  •  use of the Product in a manner contrary to law or
  •  failure to comply with any user manuals or guidelines provided by Evolve from time to time for the Product, including maintenance and storage obligations (incl. protective measures in order to avoid possible deep discharge of battery)
The Warranty does not cover Consumable Components for the entirety of the Warranty Period. The new battery is warranted to be in working order for one year. Damage due to insufficient maintenance and care is excluded from the warranty/guarantee.

Evolve Distribution GmbH will not repair or replace a Product if the Customer has been refunded the Purchase Price for the Product.



The warranty covers warping, de-lamination and manufacture defects for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase. This means we will repair or replace the faulty deck involving faulty materials only.


Any breakage due to:
  •     Jumping or excessive force applied on the deck
  •     Normal wear such as scratches, chips or cracks
  •     Any form of high impact resulting in damage
  •     Excessive water

For the other Evolve wooden decks, Evolve Distribution GmbH reserves the right to apply the conditions applicable to Carbon Decks if the results of an inspection indicate overuse, improper use or excessive force applied.

Tip: Please follow the instructions in the user manual for your product.

For any support case or repair request/order outside the guarantee/warranty, we operate and ship packages following our General Terms and Conditions (AGB). Additionally, we kindly ask you to review the delivery conditions applicable to shipping.