Hadean Carbon Deck
Hadean Carbon DeckHadean Carbon DeckHadean Carbon Deck
Hadean Carbon DeckHadean Carbon DeckHadean Carbon Deck
Hadean Carbon Deck
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Construction: The Hadean uses handmade forged carbon whereas the Carbon GTR uses the layering technique. Forged carbon takes chards of carbon fiber, mixes it with resin and compresses the material into a mold. The benefits are a very light and strong deck. The complex forged technique allows the deck to be stronger in multiple directions as the weave interlocks more securely. You can see forged carbon in some of the best cars in the world!

Feel: The carbon deck offer a rigid feel making it perfect for stability at high speeds. Think an all-mountain snowboard, or a 9 ft mal surfboard! This board is the ultimate pal when you're ready to push the board to the limits.

Aesthetics: World-first and industry-leading chassis-style deck made from forged carbon fiber. The deck seamlessly integrates performance with technology. A custom CNC heatsink incorporates cooling vents and adds to the sophisticated performance styling.

  • MATERIAL: Forged carbon fiber
  • LENGTH: 100cm / 39.3 inches

* The outer deck (frame) and battery cover (lid) are sold separately

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